Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Wonder...

its interesting cuz i started out with more of a philosophical approach and most of my friends online were hare krishnas and i dont really get what was so interesting about their stories of krishna. but eventually the bhakti wore off on me.

these days ive been pondering about beliefs and their validity. because i would struggle with my parents if they didnt see my perspective. and i would think if god is in all of us, and we're all connected, why is it so hard for us to simply work together? eventually it ocurred to me that the self which is all of us can 't be perceived by beliefs

in one of her video satsangs, gangaji related to us that we should be able to accept good and bad parts of ourselves. or else it builds up a facism in us. at this the audience got a little shocked. and she continued that yes there can be a spiritual facism just like a political facism. thinking that we should we guard the good and kill the bad, just propogates more 'wars'.

so we dont need to train ourselves like animals always beating ourselves up, everytime we make mistakes and letting ourselves learn out of guilt and pain conditioning. thats why some people will hate you even if you love them. because they hate themselves; to go on and love them dislodges their ego of 'i hate myself' so they will make it a point to hate you to make sure that you hate them as well to confirm their existence of 'i hate myself'

but like plato says, 'no one knowingly does evil, for if they were to realise what was right they would pursue that path' because if you investigate the sociopaths and any kind of delinquet all of them have some kind of justification so that their consciounce wouldn't bother them.

but if we're aware of the problem, the answers and solutions come immediately. not necessarily in our timely expectations, but the solution is in the problem nevertheless. all sages and teachers of truth have been the embodiments of love and compassion. doesnt matter what path theyve come to realise the self.

seeing brahma's sons wanting to realise the self, shiva had compassion on them and incarnated into dakshinamurti and stayed in absolute mouna. with the guidance of silence alone, the brahmins realised the self.

even ramana when he would tell stories like this would well up with emotion. the love never ends, nor finds limitations in all of reality and consciousness.

well my model of enlightenment is love. more and more love. never ending, never running out. always present.

but id rather not use the word enlightenment unless necessary .from the people i talk to , it just creates a sense of distance and separation which in turn furthers our own fears which stem from our own ignorance

we create so many false enlightenments and false idols, coming from false perfections created by limited expectations

the ignorance of ourselves, creates fear which isolates us into multiple divisions

thats the play of consciousness, its not a bad thing, but its also natural to realise who you are for the sake of happiness. its not outside of us nor is it limited to time and space.
everything and everyone are connected whether they are conscious of it or not. realization or enlightenment is herenow, and even if we think we miss that moment, there's no worries, since this present moment never ends in reality.

i was listening to an osho talk today, and someone asked him ''that he is only a beginner and asked if osho could define truth for him. ''

when osho talks,he always sounds like hes about to make a joke about something, i donno, maybe its just the accent. i noticed the same thing with george bush jr. something about the tone of his voice that makes you think hes thinking one thing while he's saying something different.

osho said, ''its good that you say that you're still a beginner–go back!' all the people with advanced knowlege just make more trouble for themselves.

the truth is more about innocence. like how in his last days socrates is reported to have said, 'i know one thing, i know that i know nothing'

but bill i guess ill try to answer the question for the sake of discussion, and just think that both terms are the synomous with each other in the lexicon of spirituality. they seem to be equivalant in my view.(?) is silence better than stillness?

who knows, perhaps…

i just sigh, i try to see through these things a lil bit more nowadays. that emptyness pervades all of existence, that we're just being afraid of a paper tiger. but in a way that makes it fun. thats what gives liveliness and makes this life dynamic. but i guess as things start to slow down, even in these fast paced time, acceptance and awareness helps bridge the gap from suffering to salvation.

theres a great need for healing these days. and i really do think people all over are seeing various crises and rising to the call of duty so to speak, which is really nice to see.

i think about in politics, even th us administration are FINALLLY starting to admit that 'the war on terror' is not going so well. and that they need to make serious adjustments. places like zaadz, youtube give people the opportunities to see teachers like eckhart tolle and adyashanti for free.

in history, so many problems have arisen and the world has faced such terrible calamities, and yet we're still here.

i really do think thats to analyse it thoroughly, thats its all simply beyond comprehension or logic's reach.

the solution is in the problem. thats why i guess in retrospec, ''its gonna be ok''

acceptance of the terrible things that cause us grief isnt that logical. one time mahavira the jain teacher let a mean farmer hammer a long nail right through across his two ears. he silently accepted it and continued to meditate. mahavira remembered in his past life, he had scolded one of his servants who failed his duty and poured some hot boiling liquid in his ears. eventually on his travels, a doctor had pity on mahavira and helped remove the nail and help heal the torn tissues in his ears.

in one of his talks adyashanti, would just talk about surrendering to the unknown. dont try to plan your enlightenment. who knows what could happen, you may turn out to be a che gueverra or a ramana maharshi. just let it be.

take care guys, peace and love

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