Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Crank Dat

How To Crank That Soulja Boy www.myspace.com/souljaboytellem

I honestly don't think this vid is that 'incredible' but it got a hell of a lot of views( Views: 10,582,195 Comments: 14554 Favorited: 45262 times) which is impressive enough

Views: 6,063,873 Comments: 5209 Favorited: 13701 times

the real reason im posting this is cuz i saw this comment -->

LukeCage60651 (1 hour ago)
why do people get on youtube and call people nigga's, crackers, and any other racism bullcrap knowing that if they saw said individuals in public they would not say these things. The internet is not a place to act tuff and hide behind your internet identity, so just be easy. If you don't like the song or dance you can state that without calling people faggots, gay, niggers, retarded, crackers, or whatever.

its pretty true, although people will just think and not say it, or say behind a person's back. man, i wish people would grow out of predujice...

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