Saturday, July 05, 2008

George Galloway On Iran

Telling it like it is. This man is simply awesome.


Anonymous said...

Georgie has been blathering about this since last summer, claiming an attack was imminent.
You do know he's now being paid by Iran through PressTV don't you?

faceless said...

he's being paid to present a tv show - and has often spoken out against Ahmadenijad quite a bit.

But why let facts get in the way of you making snide comments eh?

Anonymous said...

And as soon as he was paid, he started fabricating smears against an executed gay Iranian.
Why would he do that? said...

You can hear an archive of George Galloway's talkSPORT recordings on

Details on his weekly radio shows can be found on

Details on his two PressTV shows can be found on

Tyrone said...

yeah, there's a few so-called exposes on george on youtube. i mean no one's perfect eh. this is the world of politics, but there's few like him and overall i think he's doing a good job on his anti-war campaign.