Friday, June 27, 2008

Book of Enoch translations: Chapter 1 to 8/150

Enoch the Prophet, the great-grandfather of Noah and son of Jared (Genesis 5:18), who calls himself the Seventh of the First. These works are the product of ancient Jewish literature.

The Book of Enoch is declared apocryphal. Apocrypha comes from the verb 'crypto', which means 'to hide'. In other words these books were secret books, i.e, one that belonged to the catalogue of temple libraries under the guardianship of the Hierophants and initiated priests. It was never meant for the profane.

This version is called 1Enoch and is written in the Ethiopic language, with Aramaic fragments from Qumran and medieval Greek fragments.

Discovered in 1773 by James Bruce the version you read here is translated by Richard Laurence and until this day still not accepted as part of the Old Testament.

(Chapter 1 to 8)
-Introduction of Enoch
-Enoch was told by the sons of God, that in the future, the ones that express the light, joy and peace will inherit the Earth and the corrupted wicked ones will be condemned.
-Sons of God having sex with human females that bring fourth a race of giants that eventually turn themselves against mankind.
-Sons of God coming down to Earth and educate mankind.


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