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A New Form of Population Control


Like the generals in Burma who knew about the cyclone and purposefully did not inform the population, it seems that the Chinese regime was well aware of the catastrophe which its population was about to be subjected to. It seems that they don’t care about the population.

Or worse, are their deaths just a studied method in containing population growth?

Unmadeinchina recommends the following articles:

Add even the earthquake news among China’s tainted products
by Judi McLeod
28 May 2008

From before it even happened, the coming news of the devastating China earthquake was being managed by the Communist Chinese government. In fact, the cadres of the Earthquake Bureau of Communist China held a major conference in Hangzhou on April 28, 2008—two weeks before the Sichuan earthquake. Suppressing news of earthquakes from the outside world was number one on the Conference agenda.

The title of the conference was "Training Course for Keeping Earthquake Information Confidential." Agenda item # 1? "Study of Regulations and Provisions for Keeping Earthquake Information Confidential. Agenda item # 2 was “Discussions of Working Methods for Keeping Earthquake Information Confidential."

It required the time and kindness of Chinese translators to write this Canada Free Press (CFP) story. That’s because the Chinese Communists do not broadcast these things in English lest the West may get to know.
The horrific devastation of the Sichuan earthquake is not even close to being over.

Meanwhile, it would seem that many things exported from China—including the news—is highly suspect.

Chinese Experts Predicted the Earthquake Three Times
By Zhu Jianguo
The Epoch Times
23 May 2008

Was there any prediction of the recent earthquake in China? The person in charge of the China Seismological Bureau told the media, "They did not receive any prediction, it is impossible to predict earthquakes." However, Chen Yiwen, an advisor of the Committee of Natural Hazard Prediction (CNHP) said, "This is a lie." Chen stated on a China Central Television (CCTV) program, "China Seismological Bureau cannot shake off its responsibility for the earthquake."

On May 14, 2008, Chinese Central TV Station Channel Nine (CCTV9) held a talk show about the Wenchuan earthquake. The program host Yang Rui interviewed Chen by phone during the program.

Chen commented, "The China Seismological Bureau cannot shake its responsibility!" The CNHP has offered the China Seismological Bureau predictions on three different occasions about the possibility of a strong earthquake in the Wenchuan area since 2006. Especially on May 3, 2008, Chen personally sent the prediction report to the China Seismological Bureau."

According to Chen, there have been other scientists also providing predictions of strong quakes in the Wenchuan area to the China Seismological Bureau. However, these serious scientific predictions received no consideration. The leaders of the China Seismological Bureau and the director of the Institute of Earthquake Prediction have never interviewed experts of CNHP. They have never acquainted themselves with its earthquake prediction work.

"It is a lie that the leaders of the China Seismological Bureau claimed that they've never received any predictions," said Chen.

Chen welcomes all media and websites to reprint his views from the website

Seismologist's Prediction of Sichuan Quake Ignored, Says Scientist

By Xinfei
Epoch Times
14 May 2008

The same night of Sichuan's May 12 earthquake, Chinese scientist Li Shihui revealed on his blog that Chinese seismologist Geng Qingguo accurately predicted the quake and warned authorities about the disaster in late April. According to Li, Geng's report was ignored by Chinese authorities.

Mr. Li, a visiting fellow scientist at the Key Laboratory of Geo-mechanical Engineering at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in the article that Geng first raised the issue as early as 2006, warning that a major quake will occur in Aba area of Sichuan Province where the 5.12 quake happened.

According to Li, on April 26 and 27, the Committee of Natural Disaster Prediction, an organization under China Geophysical Institute, discussed Geng's findings and further predicted that a quake measuring 6 to 7 will occur between May 2008 and April 2009 in the area south to Lanzhou City where Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai provinces meet. The committee's report was turned into China Seismology Bureau as a confidential document on April 30.
In addition, Geng Qingguo clearly pointed out that in Aba region a quake of 7 or higher magnitude is most likely to occur in 10 days before and after May 8, 2008. His prediction has been proved accurate in every aspect: magnitude, location, and time. But his report received no response from the authorities.

Li Shihui revealed in his blog that a seismologist predicted the Wenchuan earthquake in April.

“On hearing about Wenchuan's 7.8-manitude earthquake, Chinese seismologist Geng Qingguo was struck with a tearless grief," said Li in his blog. "His heart was bleeding."

The Solution: Boycott the Olympics - Boycott Chinese products
(as much as possible)

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