Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The sages just tell you simply what the nature of the mind is, forget the details. forget the beliefs, forget the karma, just knowing it now is enough.

It is? How does that work?-Bill

well as far as i know, in response to your question

it's not an act, it is the essence behind your thoughts, something that your thoughts come from

im still trying to release myself into it

it is the home of love and insight. harmony is the natural way.

but one work that i tirelessly try to carry on, is seeing others as part of myself. from the murderers to the saints. the whole spectrum, all of existence is one. being that there is no inherent separation from others, all of existence is empty ( of differences)

for this moment of awareness to be real, and even worthwhile to know it should be natural and so it is said to be uncaused. it doesnt end. the dream of illusions and separation only begins again out of desire.

all fluctuations of time are connected. i know the buddhism explains that reincarnation is like the flickering flame, that infact, it isnt continuous light but constant flashes of light which make it seem continuous, but nevertheless. all of that reality is tied into your perception, which then is anchored into the concept of ''I”

these statements cant be seen as real , if theyre taken out of context, because everything is connected, the way that it works is if and when you are able to see this awareness pervading all of existence, which it does even if you dont notice it consciously

self inquiry , surrender to the moment and acceptance

i hope this does show a bit on how it works. but forgive me i dont really know for real

“The Tao that can be told is NOT the
Eternal Tao” – Lao Tzu

take care
peace and love

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