Saturday, January 20, 2007

spiritual programs as i call them are so nice to start off with, we have nice levels to judge our progress and even compare ourselves with others so we can get help and feel comfort in groups of similar minds.

now, i see all that as b.s. , all those levels seen as a means as to an end, is vanity in itself, since the truth of all religion is beyond the mind or prior to the mind, yet since the mind is a product of existence, it isnt disconnected, but we have to see that these countless worlds ARE ALL connected. this age has seen it more convenient to break things down which is good, but instead of making all of the broken down components compatible with all else, they have eluded themselves.
the shiva sutras say that the liberated one is able to move freely within all levels of consciousness, explaining the validity of physical transportation you hear in the old folktales of the mystics, but moreso of the fraudulance of these new religious messengers giving us systems to learn about god, but in doing so liberate the beginner's mind and accelerated their progress but out of a need to control and fear of surrender/acceptance bound the mind of the devotee to the system itself.

that explanation was a little too long ,but I'd think it'd be really cool to shed our old skins, shake off the dust of the past and live in the moment now in a fresh style of existence.

now the main problem with that proposition is that we live in a time with so much pain, the rate of suicides and people taking psychological medicine (depression, sleep aides ,anti-psychosis etc) is really scary.

i remember seeing a daily show special about bullying, and joking how too much protection for the kids can make them too soft for the life that awaits them once they leave their parent's house and move out on their own.

the #1 suggestion i can make to anyone who wants to be happy is to truly appreciate what it means to suffer. thats the paradox necessary for the equation. if you're depressed, don't take pills, so your conscious mind forgets about it and the bad memories get pushed into your subconscious, take that pain as a teacher as a friend who's trying to tell you something. you dont need to be able to talk to spirits beyond the grave to feel connected to all of creation, if you can deal with the skeletons in your closet, you can be fearless, and your boundless love can talk to everyone without words.

feel a natural and harmonious flow in your life, put all your life into your day's work, so you have no regrets and you can sleep soundly at night.

you don't have to repress your cravings or desires, but you can realize that if you have a craving for licorice, its not only licorice that will satisfy that desire, you can get a chocolate bar and it won't feel so bad. same with wanting to meet a certain special kind of person to make you feel 'complete', that person may get on your nerves sometimes but they make you laugh and it's ok to make compromises for the right reasons. because your past logic may or may not have been erronous to begin with.

to sum it up, i love to use the quote from matrix reloaded when neo asks the oracle how will i know whats the right choice to make . The oracle responds simply, "it's not the making of the choices that count it's the understanding of them that does"

sincerly yours,

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