Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yesterday, I got pretty close to throwing my computer out the window. I bought the new computer about two weeks ago, and from the first time I got it, there were error messages, it was slow and I had to take it back to the store for them to adjust the hardward twice so far. There's problems with the virtual memory and the registry itself.

The main problem is that after a certain amount of time, whatever application I'm using, a help file pops up for it. If I close the file down another one comes right back up immediately preventing me from actually using the application in a smoothe way. There's a few times when I start Mozilla, almost 200 help files come out. This slows it down for about 10 minutes so first I can't even close the helps files because it sucks up all the RAM and memory and then when I start the internet, I can barely type because, the help file pops up and the typing goes predominately to the pop instead of the original internet text window. It's VERY frustrating and annoying and yesterday it got me more angry that I've been in quite some time. But even with the crappy computer I was sold and I feel like a sucker for being impetuous and getting sold a lemon. I can learn that I'm far too dependent on that machine which society feels they can't live without. I'm learning to not need to surf the internet to expand my consciousness but to be able to sit down in the quiet and read a book or stare at the ceiling and feel that the desires of networking are subtle ways of entrappment by the mind and ego. The point is to use the computer but not to be used by the computer. With some contemplation I see that mankind has used the computer as an outward expression of the mind. In the way it organizes and communicates in such a massive way with the advancement of technology. It's a way of compensating for our lack of knowledge of ourselves. In the same way how medicine however advanced it is in the last few centuries it still considerably limited to the medicine and healing ability of the sages and saints that are hidden in our society. We rely so much on money that we have forgetten our true glory and feel considerably confined to our body and so we get more sick on average and have less of a memory. Techonolgy is helping us with this, but our limitless potential is in realising the Self or our true reality. Noting that this is not to deter all the advancements we've made but to realise that compared to ages past or in certain select civilations of supposed folklore (i.e. stories of the golden ages of the past) we've lost our glimmer.

This is not to say that we should accept our gloom and doom but find enjoyment a sense of wonderment on our advances and setbacks in seeing the play of consciousness from the witness aspect and see that despite all the horrors we see in the news, there is harmony and an overall positive desitny that unfolds in all of manifestation in consciousness. peace guys.

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